Stack: WS4D-gSOAP (C/C++)

WS4D-gSOAP is a toolkit for developing Web services consumer and provider being conform to the “Devices Profile for Web Services” (DPWS) in C/C++. The toolkit is implemented as an extension to the well known gSOAP Web services toolkit. Developers can concentrate on the implementation of a device’s functionality as WS4D-gSOAP supports code generation on service and device level.

WS4D-gSOAP offers multi-platform support such as Linux i386, Windows-native, Windows-cygwin and embedded Linux. The toolkit supports development within a typical GNU software development toolchain or an integrated development environment such as Visual Studio 2005 or Eclipse.

The WS4D-gSOAP toolkit is hosted at

Feature Highlights

  • supports the latest version of gSOAP and its features
  • supports multiple platforms, embedded platforms and cross compiler
  • can be used to implement web service endpoints conforming to DPWS February 2006
    • dpws device: web service provider
    • dpws client: web service consumer
    • dpws peer: dpws device and client at the same time
  • code generation
    • service and device description
    • device setup
  • hosting of web services developed with other tool kits
  • life cycle management of hosted services
  • basic ws-security support: message signing

See supported features for a more detailed description.